Company Profile

Established 1991

ePay, Inc is established after we notice the demand from our client’s for payroll service, most of the clients use the big companies and always they have problem with the service they are getting, before pay, inc. we have accounting firm provide accounting and tax service, soon after that we stared providing payroll service, year after year all our client’s switch from ADP and paychex to epay, inc. they were unsatisfied with the quality of the service they were getting, compare to epay, Inc. We have CPA’s Accountant’s and attorney’s that is added benefit to our client, when they have question about tax or labor law, they can rest assure they are able to get their questions answered from qualified professional CPA’s or attorney’s. epay, Inc serve clients ranging from small start-up businesses with one employee to med size corporations with several hundred employees.

Our commitment to our clients and the success of their businesses guides us in everything we do. And it is our goal and sincere hope that our clients consistently have outstanding experiences with ePay’s products and people.

Products and services

ePay, Inc clients enjoy access to a comprehensive array of products and services that continues to broaden as the business world itself evolves. ePay, Inc clients can rest assured that we continuously invest in enhancements to our products, not only to meet the changing needs of today’s legislative environment, but also the changing needs of today’s businesses.

Personalize service

What make epay, Inc different, not only the kind of service we provide to our clients, but also the relationships with our clients it is personal, we treat each client like the only one we have, we have a long term relationship with our clients some goes back to 1991, our clients do expect that we will go above and beyond to deliver long term service and support value.

We assign payroll specialist to each client, they understand the need of our client and they can work with them based on their individual needs, Today’s challenging business environment demands that companies of all sizes become smarter, faster and more streamlined than ever. With the flexibility to respond to your unique needs and dedicated payroll specialists to be there when you need them, epay, Inc is here to help you meet those challenges now – and well into the future.

Our Office

epay, Inc.
5843 Pine Ave Suite A
Chino Hills,CA 91709
(909) 393-0410 and email

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Payroll Solution Finder

Payroll Solution Finder

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Payroll Solution Finder

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